Tyre Sealant Gel 30 Ltr. Can 1 Pis.


CAPL is an anti-puncture liquid/gel that is when injected into a Tubeless tyre it’s permanently & instant puncture protection for the life of the tyre.


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How do I install Capl Anti-Puncture?

  • Step 1: DEFLATE the air inside the tyre to install CAPL anti-puncture by opening the valve pin using a valve opener from the air nozzle.

  • Step 2: Put the air nozzle in the 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock position, clockwise. Now, install the solution inside the tyre using a pump/bottle until the desired dosage is reached.

  • Step 3: Fill in some air before tightening the valve to clean the air nozzle filled with anti-puncture.

  • Step 4: Now fight the valve, fill the air, and drive the vehicle for 5 km to see CAPL Anti-Puncture working perfectly.

  • benefits:

    • Seal the puncture permanently.

    • Multiple puncture resistance.

    • Reduce accidents caused by blow-outs.

    • improve safety, economy, and drivability.

    • useful for tubeless tyres.

    • Quick and easy to install.

    • CAPL ANTI-PUNCTURE is environment-friendly and does not harm your tyre.

    • Lowers the tyre’s temperature.

    • Extended tyre’s life up to 10%

    • Improve fuel efficiency.

    • It increases retraceability and helps eliminate tread separation.

    • Seal punctures up to 6–8 mm in a tubeless tyre.

    • Provide you and your family with a tension-free journey.

    1. Byke (100–150) CC: 350 ml/per Tyer.
    2. Above 150 CC: 400 ml/per tyre.
    3. Scooty/Activa: 250 ml/per tyre.
    4. Car normal: 250 ml per tire.
    5. Car SUV model: 350 ml per tyre.




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