Car Vacume Cleaner – BAZKU Portable & Corded.

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BAZKU Compact and Corded High Power for Car Cleaning Vehicle Embellishments, Vacuum Cleaner, DC 12V, 120W, 5.5 KPA.


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1️⃣120W high power engine Pull enduring, no lessening, no warming, successful and quick, eliminate obstinate residue
2️⃣12000Pa solid pull can suck up the advanced cell. A rapid-driven fan impeller turns to make a vacuum cleaner. Inside the development of momentary vacuum inside and outside the negative strain contrast, proficient residue assortment
3️⃣Dry and wet with a key to take care of the issue of cleaning. Regardless of fluid, hair, enormous particles, residue, melon, and organic product scurf can retain the foot of the sand and can be effectively taken care of
4️⃣Pick it up, vacuum it, and put it down. Add level pull spout: clean no dead corner, reach out into the hole dead corner, really clean the dissipated water stains, snacks trash, pet hair
5️⃣Mini minimized one-gave activity Break the mold of traditional vacuum cleaners with its compact and sensitive design, which is packed with science and innovation. Level: 30.2 cm Measurement: 7.1 cm
6️⃣One key to discharge the residue assortment can One key to begin unloading dust, helpful and fast
7️⃣With complete frills and various adornments, as indicated by the circumstance, needs to openly pick.

Unique Feature Wet/Dry
Structure Factor Handheld
Colour White
Channel Type HEPA
Model Name 1AW22
Surface Recommendation Upholstery
Power Source Corded Electric
Item Dimensions 15L x 10W x 2H Centimeters
Included Components Nozzle, HEPA Channel, Brush




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