STARQ Powerfull High Pressure Washer (Q5 Normal – 2500W-180-250BAR)

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STARQ Powerful High-Pressure Washer (Q5 Normal – 2500W-180-250BAR)


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(Q3-A 2100) (Q5-2500) Watts Hard core Enlistment Copper winding engine and Encased body for security
Long assistance life: tough and solid, driving rod-driven metal siphon with fired covered cylinders.
Flexible: Self-Preparing and Auto stop capability to siphon water from pails or capacity tanks
Low-commotion activity: autostop innovation turns the engine and siphons off naturally when the trigger is delivered
Venturi framework, autostop, self-consumption capability, tension measurement, Fluidly flexible fan splash spear, Water channel




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