Shakti Innovation S3 High Washer Machine 1800 Watts.

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Shakti Innovation S3 High Strain Vehicle Washer Machine 1800 Watts and Tension 120 Bar for Cleaning Bike and Home





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Power: 1800W, Strain: 120 Bar, Stream Rate: 10L/min, Voltage: 220V~50Hz
Venturi framework, auto stop, self-admission capability, strain measurement, Dynamically movable fan splash spear, Water channel
Low-commotion activity: auto stop innovation turns the engine and siphon off naturally when the switch is delivered
The power link has a length of 3.5 meters, and a hose pipe likewise has a length of 8 meters. This is a productive vehicle washer. Comfort this strain washer has a minimized and solid plan and is helpful to move around.
Incorporates: 1800W Strain Washer, Delta Line, 8M Outlet Line, Water Channel, Froth Pot, Bay Channel, Speedy Connector, Tension Firearm, Expansion Bar, and 3.5M Link With A half year Guarantee

Brand Shakti Technology
Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Orange
Thing Weight 10.74 Kilograms
Hose Length 8 Meters






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